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Do you have drop off services?

Yes, you can bring your parcel to your nearest drop off point. Simply select a drop off service from the results page after using our shipping calculator and placing your order. Then print off your labels and shipping documentation, attach them to the box and take your parcel to your nearest drop off location. 

Choosing drop off services versus collections services have several advantages and work best for people that have busy schedules and cannot wait at home all day for a driver to come and collect your parcel. If you choose a drop off service: 

  1. You won't need to wait at home for a specified collection time. Instead, you can bring your parcel to your nearest drop off point on your way to work, to school, or on your lunch break.
  2. Drop offs are cheaper: since you're not paying for a driver to come out to collect your parcel, drop-off services often end up being cheaper than collection services.
  3. Many parcel stores are open on Saturdays and Sundays, allowing you to stop by and dispatch your item during weekends. 

When you book a service make sure to select a service that is drop off, you will be able to see nearest town or your postcode when you select the service on

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