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How is my package handled during shipping?

Your parcel is going to be in transit with thousands of other parcels with all shapes, sizes and weights. The parcel will move through a huge network on planes, vans and transportation depots, when you send a parcel with Packlink we recommend to strictly follow our Packaging instructions.

Thies means that your parcel might be moved by machines that is why it is of a paramount importance that you pay attention to the internal packaging, as well as the external packaging. This is why fragile times are included in the prohibited list of the majority of carriers.

If you book a pick up service your item will be collected at home or work, if you book a drop off service you can drop off your parcel at one of points or stores. From there the parcel will be processed at a sort location and will then dispatched to the correct region or state (depending it is a domestic or international shipment).

Once it has been sorted your package will then shipped to the final delivery destination by the selected carrier, or the equivalent local delivery agent. We always advise to share the tracking ID with the recipient to that they follow up the shipment and that you provide a local contact number in case there is an issue. 


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