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I am unable to find the postal code, what can I do?

When you search on Packlink, you have to select the country of origin, destination and the postal code of origin and destination.

In the postal code section, you can either search by city name or the postal code directly, should you know it already.

If the search gives no results, unfortunately, it means that it might be not be available in our postal codes database, and for you to complete the shipment, we will have to add the missing postal code. In this case, please contact us and provide the missing code.

Before submitting the request, please check that you have entered the country and postal code in the correct format of the country of origin/destination. 

If you search by city, you will find the most used destinations which might not necessarily be the exact one, that's why we recommend you to search by postcode, the search is more accurate.

Example: Let's say that you want to ship from the postal code 08001 in Barcelona to the postal code NW9 0AA in London. By typing London, the search will give you the most used postal codes. If you instead type the postal code directly, the search will match with your input if it exists in the database.

Please remember that in the case of booking a service to an incorrect postal code, your shipment might not be delivered or collected.

 If you wish to contact us to let us know about a missing postal code, please provide also the following details:

  • postal code and city
  • full address 
  • number of parcels 
  • weight and dimension (LxWxH)


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