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Proof of value

When you make a claim to the insurance, it is mandatory to justify the amount claimed, the best proof of these is the purchase invoice of the item. In case the invoice is not available, and when accepted, you can provide a self-declaration of the value (a declaration that can be completed through the Insurance claim form), however in this case it is necessary to provide evidence of that amount estimated.

Below we detail the most common cases, if you do not find yours, we will be happy to assist you through our Contact Form:

Case 1: Personal equipment

When the client sends, for example, textbooks acquired the previous year, it does not usually keep the ticket. In this case, the simplest thing is for us to get a screenshot of a website that sells the same product, where the marketing price is displayed.


Case 2: Buy / Sell between users on-line platforms

Every day millions of users buy and sell their articles through on-line platforms. If you have sold or bought something, in some of them, as a general rule there is a conversation or an advertisement where the price is detailed. In this case the best value test is a screenshot of the conversation, if you accompany it with a bank receipt, payment gateway operation type Paypal, confirmation payment eBay order among others.


Case 3: Sales between individuals.

Other cases, less common, are the sale between individuals where there is a contract between both, it is recorded NIF, Personal Data and Address of both parties, Date, Product, Payment Method and price of the item. This document signed by the two is a very useful document, if it is accompanied by the bank receipt (if it exists) it will help the claim to prosper more agilely.

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