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What documents are required to make a claim?

To make a claim for damage or loss, as with any other insurance (home, car, etc.), you will need to provide some documentation.

The documents required to make a claim for loss or damage are as follows:

  • Receipt of the transport agency signed by the driver (except for exceptional cases).
  • Delivery note with a note of damage, in case of breakage.
  • Commercial Invoice (purchase/sale) of the goods transported, or proof of purchase. It should always reflect matching data between the sender and recipient. In the event that the person who hired the service is not the sender of the merchandise, he must submit a letter indicating the relationship between them.
  • In case of damage, it will be necessary to provide pictures of damaged items.
  • Damage repair quote (only in case of breakages).

Only the person that has purchased the shipment is entitled to submit the claim.

Once the documentation has been received, our claims department will make the necessary arrangements, with the transport company and with the insurance company, to do everything possible so that the outcome is favourable for you.

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