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I have cancelled my shipment. When will I receive the money back

When you cancel a shipment, we need to receive confirmation from the carrier in order to reimburse your money back. 

Usually, this process takes no longer than 24 hours. 

According to the payment method employed, you will receive the amount back in one of the following periods: 

 If the payment was with a debit card, the reimbursement period is 7-10 days after the order went through. This happens once you receive direct confirmation that the order has been cancelled. In case the payment was with a credit card, Packlink will issue the order at the same time, it is possible that it won't be reflected in your account until your card settlement date.

If you paid via Paypal, the reimbursement period is 7 days after the order is issued. If you open a Paypal dispute, the process will be delayed until the payment platform issues a resolution on the dispute. We recommend that, if you opened one, to close it so that we can proceed with the reimbursement.

All refunds will have the corresponding rectified invoice so you can keep track of your expenses whenever you need to :) 

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