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Can I change the order's data after the purchase?

Before confirming the purchase, during step 3 "Confirmation and Payment", you will be shown all the data of the shipment: Sender and Consignee's address, description of the content, number of parcels, type of service, etc. 

This is the time to verify if there's any mistake with any of the data entered and make sure that you don't purchase a service with the wrong data. 

We're all human and prone to make a mistake here and there, so if after the confirmation of the order you notice an error, please contact our Customer Service team through our Support Center and we will do everything we can to help you fix the error. 

However, please bear in mind that depending on the carrier and/or type or service of your choice, some changes will not be possible. We can still try though, so feel free to contact us and we will check!

If the parcel hasn't been collected yet, and a change is necessary, we can modify the data. However, after receiving your request we will confirm if we can modify the order or if you need to cancel the order entirely in order to purchase a new one with the correct data. This depends on several factors: carrier and service chosen, response margin according to the time of the request, etc. 

In case the parcel is picked up and in transit, the changes of modifying the order decrease greatly and, depending on the type of change, it might even incur on additional charges (changing the address in the same city or changing the postal code for example).

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