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What does it mean label not required for this shipment - "address sheet"?

With some services you might find the logo "pinter optional", in this case Packlink provides you with a document called "address sheet" which is an optional identification document that we provide as a form of identification. 

We say it's optional since it's not mandatory to print it (like a label), but its use is recommended since it has all the data regarding the origin and destination of your shipment, as well as Packlink's shipment number.

If you can't print the address sheet, you're welcome to handwrite the delivery address on the box and the driver will bring a barcode label to the collection. In this case please make sure to:

  • Write the address in CAPITALS
  • Indicate the complete data of the recipient* 

(Full name, name of the business (if needed), complete address (correct address, flat number, door, any access code required, etc.)

  • Indicate Packlink's reference number (UN....)

Please keep in mind that it is vital for the shipment to be properly identified by the sender before it is collected, even if the service doesn't require a printer.

Imagine for a moment that the label comes off during transit, and has no other identification documents. If you included this optional routing sheet or followed our advice to identify the parcel, the chances of it being found in case of loss increase greatly. 



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