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Shipping silverware, plates or glasses

If you want to send your tableware, you must consider that such fragile items require special protection.

We recommend you follow this guidelines to properly prepare your shipment. You will need a roll of brown paper (also called Kraft paper) or bubble wrap, packing tape, and a new double corrugated cardboard box. Follow these steps and you will achieve the ideal packaging:

  • Close the bottom part of the box with tape, follow the direction of the aperture. Keep in mind that, generally, crockery is heavy so make sure it is properly seal so it can hold the weight and prevent the tape from breaking and damaging the tableware during transit.
  • Prepare a "mattress" with the brown paper at the bottom of the sealed box.
  • Separate each piece and individually wrap them either with brown paper or bubble wrap.
  • Align them vertically. 
  • Fill all the gaps with additional brown paper to prevent them from moving
  • Close the box with the packing tape in the same direction as the aperture line.

Once you've finished, you can measure and weight the package to start comparing services and saving money sending with Packlink!



Fragile goods

You can ship fragile goods if you are extra careful about the packaging. Since the parcel will travel through conveyor belts at different warehouses, they must be prepared to handle a fall of minimum 1,50 meters.

  1. When shipping fragile goods you must always use double corrugated cardboard boxes to protect the goods from impacts and ensure the box maintains rigidity even when stacked with other parcels.
  2. Include stuffing on the top, bottom, and sides of the fragile item, with a thickness of at least 5 centimeters to avoid movements inside the parcel.
  3. Always use foam pads on the top and bottoms of the item, and ensure it adjusts perfectly to the shape of the item, so it is protected during transportation.

Materials to use

inflatable.jpgInflatable packaging

Materials to avoid

pluriball.pngBubble wrap
paper.jpgPacking paper
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