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Can I send bottles?

Yes, you can send bottles with Packlink, although keep in mind that, regardless of the material (plastic or glass), you have to be mindful of the packaging.

Every shipment, either national or international, is handled at different steps until it is finally ready to be delivered:

Loading and unloading in vehicles > Conveyor belts > Handling in containers > Customs procedures > Inspections, etc.

We strongly recommend to wrap each bottle individually in a way to prevent any contact between bottles and/or contact with any other item in the shipment. For example, styrofoam can be used to separate bottles.

The common practise of shipping other types of items together with bottles is strongly not recommended. You need to be mindful that in case of damages, the rest of the articles in the packaging will also suffer damages or saturation.

If you need to send several bottles, the best option is to use adequate packaging. There are several companies exclusively dedicated to provide specialized packaging, so we recommend to acquire a box designed to send bottles, with double wall cardboard separators and styrofoam.





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