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Can I send food?

Yes, you can send food as long as it's not perishable (expiration date is less than 10 days) or requires any kind of particular conditions for it's transportation. But remember, since food is a restricted item, it is excluded from compensation in case of damage or loss.

If you are interested in including food and/or beverages in your shipment, you must make sure that they have a date of expiration greater than 10 days, and that they do not require any kind of specific temperature, humidity or storage conditions.

We recommend you to not include other kind of items with food, since they will not be covered by insurance either: Articles without insurance coverage.

Keep in mind as well that each country has its own restrictions regarding the shipment of food and beverage (complete prohibition or requiring specific permits), so we urge you to check with the chosen destination before purchasing a service.


Some examples of food that cannot be sent are: 

- Meat
- Fish
- Eggs
- Fruit
- Vegetables

Some examples of allowed food and beverage: 

- Canned food
- Instant Soup
- Raw pasta
- Cereals
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