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What happens if I send prohibited goods?

If you send a prohibited article, the shipment might be held or disposed of in accordance with the legislation administered by custom officials of the country of destination.

There are particular types of goods and products that cannot be shipped with Packlink. There are, in fact, laws that limit the circulation of certain types of items due to safety, health, protection or general purposes.

The content that you declare when you book a service with Packlink is not verified, nor does Packlink handle the shipment at any time, therefore, it is extremely important to know that you bear the sole responsibility for verifying that the content of your shipment is compliant with the law.

If a prohibited or restricted good is picked up, the carrier may retain it on any national or international route so that the client can collect it on their own. Unfortunately, Packlink will not collaborate on the resolution of this incident since none of the companies available through our site allow these kind of articles. If such items are sent with Packlink, additional charges might apply due to the shipping of these type of goods (storage, clearance of a safe deposit, etc.).

Packlink will not accept any claim regarding delays and/or additional charges incurring from the holding or destruction of these type of articles

Additionally, to the listed items, both prohibited and restricted, each carrier may have their own limitations to the ones listed on our website, so we urge you to check the terms and services of the carrier's particular service of your choice (available before finalising the purchase). 

Please check the full list of items here: Forbidden and Restricted Goods



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