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Shipment of perishable goods

Perishable goods are items that may decay with time and must be consumed within a short period of time. At Packlink, we consider 2 kinds of perishable goods: 


  1. Perishable goods with an expiry date less than 10 days*, these items are considered Prohibited Goods. They require a specific temperature, humid and/or specific conditions, which require special vehicles to ensure a correct shipment. Packlink does not allow these kind of goods, for example: meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc. 
  2. Perishable goods with an expiry date exceeding 10 days**, are considered Restricted Goods. These items can be sent, but at the user's sole responsibility. They require specific conditions as well; however, they are more durable. Examples of these kind of goods are: vacuum-sealed food, tinned food, soup, pasta, etc.


* If you send these kind of goods, your shipment could be automatically cancelled even before it has been collected. If the carrier discovers perishable goods are being sent, they might hold and even dispose of the shipment, and all the related expenses will be charged to the purchaser of the service. Claims related to a delay, damage or loss of perishable goods will not be accepted. You can consult the complete list in: Prohibited Goods.                                      

** If you send these kinds of goods, please keep in mind that it will be not covered by any insurance, and therefore, cannot be claimed under loss or damage. You can view the complete list in: Restricted Goods.




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