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Shipping fragile items

Although in Packlink we don't currently have specialised services to ship fragile items, you can still send them if you pack them correctly.

As you know, every shipment goes through several stages before it can be delivered: Loading and unloading in vehicles, conveyor belts, inspections, etc.

That's why, if you decide to send a fragile item, you must use:

- Double walled cardboard boxes

- Cork, abundant bubble wrap and other protective materials in the sides and inside the package.

- Dividers to make sure the items do not collide with themselves or the exterior.

- The indication "Fragile" stickers on each side of the package doesn't guarantee assumption of responsibility in case of damage.



Fragile goods

You can ship fragile goods if you are extra careful about the packaging. Since the parcel will travel through conveyor belts at different warehouses, they must be prepared to handle a fall of minimum 1.5 meters.

  1. When shipping fragile goods you must always use double walled cardboard boxes to protect the goods from impacts and ensure the box maintains sturdy even when stacked with other parcels.
  2. Include stuffing on the top, bottom, and sides of the fragile item, with a thickness of at least 5 centimeters to avoid movements inside the parcel.
  3. Always use foam padding on the top and bottoms of the item, and ensure it adjusts perfectly to the shape of the item, so it is protected during transportation.

Materials to use

inflatable.jpgInflatable packaging

Materials to avoid

pluriball.pngBubble wrap
paper.jpgPacking paper
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