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How can I get a quote with Packlink?

Calculating the cost of your shipment is easy with Packlink, all you have to do is follow the next steps: 

In the "Send Package" you will find a box where you can enter the postal code of origin and destination of your shipment. You will also be able to input the weight (in Kg.) and the measurements (in cm.) of your parcel. These measurements must be as close as possible to the real ones, to prevent the cost of the service to vary during transit.

When you introduce all the data requires, click on the "Search" button. Our system will then facilitate the wide array of carriers that are available for the shipment at the best price possible.

On each of these services, you will see a transit time, the details of the shipment ("Collection and delivery at the designated address, "Requires Printer", "Optional Insurance Coverage", etc.). Clicking on the "Details" arrow at the bottom will expand on the shipment's details.

At the top of the page you will be able to filter according to your own needs the order in which the carriers are shown. Lastly on the right side of each service you will see the cost of it. 

If you have already chosen your preferred carrier, click on the blue button at the bottom of the cost box that indicates "Purchase now!" and you will begin the purchase process: 

On the first step, "Your data" you will have to fill all the necessary boxes (first and last name, if you are a private person or a business, e-mail, the contents of the shipment, value of the contents, optional insurance coverage, discount coupons and "cash on delivery"). After you complete the ones that correspond to your needs, you can proceed by clicking the "Next step button".

During the second step, "Date and Address", you will have to select the date and time frame on which you want your shipment to be collected, and the complete data of both the sender and the consignee. Regardless of if you are the sender or the consignee of the shipment, you can purchase the service. You can also solicit your shipment's invoice if you need it. 


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