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What is the deadline to make a claim for lost or damage goods?

If your shipment has been damaged or has been lost during transit, you must be aware that the insurance company and the carrier have time limits to make a claim.

Make your claim as soon as you have received the shipment is the best solution (in case of obvious damages, it is imperative to detail it in the proof of delivery). In case of Packlink confirm you the loss of your shipment, you should claim as soon as possible too. 

In case of you can not claim at the moment (the damages were not obvious), keep in mind that you must present the claim before: 

  • National Terrestrial transport: 7 Days
  • International Terrestrial transport: 7 days
  • National Air transport: 10 days
  • International Air Transport: 14 days
  • National Ocean Shipping: 24 Hours
  • International Ocean Shipping: 3 days

Remember that the claim should always be made by the client of the shipment, from the email account with which the service has hired within the established deadlines, otherwise, unfortunately, will be dismissed.

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