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What should I do if my parcel is late?

If your package has not arrived in the timeframe given at the time of booking, there could be a number of factors that has caused this, so there is no need to be alarmed.

Please remember to track your shipment in order to have the latest status of your delivery.

Verify the recipient address, and consignee has not received any calling card number, in case of absence, and please contact us in these cases:

  • Expected delivery time exceeded.
  • Tracking is not available.
  • You don't understand the tracking information.

When you contact us, please tell us what date and time your recipient will be available in order to schedule the delivery. 

Delays with customs can hold up delivery so before you ship have a read of our customs advice and be sure to provide all the information required to minimise the risk of any delay. An issue with a incomplete or vague Customs Invoice can cause a late delivery. 

Please note, time frames given by the couriers are based on working days and they are only an estimate. If your tracking is not being updated and the item is late, use the report a problem button on your account and our team will be happy to assist you and help you get it delivered.

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