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How to calculate delivery date?

When you use Packlink to compare shipping prices and services, you will see different shipping tariffs that you can purchase. They are separated by transit time. 

Transit times are shown in each service category (24h, 24/48h, 3-4 days, etc). You should keep in mind that except the services with guaranteed delivery, all the transits shown in Packlink are "estimated".

When you book a shipping service online, you will select the pick up date (Monday to Friday, except holidays). If a particular date is not bookable, it is shown as greyed out, this might be is because it is either a holiday or weekend and collection is, therefore, not available.

To calculate the date on which your shipment will be delivered, start counting the first day of transit, the next business day to the completion of the collection. For example, if you hire a 24-hour service that picks up on a Friday, it will be delivered on Monday.

In the event of a holiday at the origin, destination, or at some point in transit, you should keep in mind that those days will not be counted in transit time. 

You will be able to track your item using the tracking tool on our site so you can see what day it is out for delivery.

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