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Shipping electronics with Packlink

If you are sending electronics - due to their fragility -  you need to pay special attention to their packaging and we recommend not to send electronic articles with other types of goods like liquids, since in case of damage the electrical goods functionality might be compromised.

In most cases, the best packaging to use is the original package, for example, TVs or computers. If you do not have the item's original packaging, please follow our "Packing guidelines"

There are some electronic goods that, due to their size, the original packaging is too small and fragile, like in the case of mobile phones, tablets or other mobile devices (MP3, USB, Remote controls, etc.). Keep in mind that the packaging needs to be able to hold weight, since the parcel will be piled up at the warehouse and delivery vehicles, so this kind of packaging will not be appropriate for the shipment.

We recommend you to pack these kind of articles in a larger and more durable box, adding padded protection to reduce the effect of possible impacts during the transit.



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