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Shipment of bikes

Shipping bicycles with Packlink is easy and fast!

It's important to pay extra attention to the packaging, since we'd hate if your bicycle suffered any damages during transit.

The handlebars, pedals and saddle must be disassembled and protected with padded materials (bubble wrap or foam), and tied with cable ties to avoid possible damage or loss of the components. Please note, this is how the majority of bicycles are packed before buying them.

Also please be aware that, for safety reasons, if the shipment is going to to travel by plane, you must also deflate the tires beforehand.

If you don't have the original packaging, don't worry; you can find plenty of adequate ones on the Internet.



To correctly ship your bicycle, the pedals, wheels, saddle, and handlebar must be removed and packed separately.

  1. Wrap each part individually. Use bubble wrap to ensure they are correctly and completely secured
  2. Use a cardboard box, preferably a double wall one, and fill all sides with polystyrene to protect the goods during transportation.
  3. Make sure the ends do not touch each other and that there aren't any empty gaps.

Materials to use

pluriball.pngbubble wrap
angulari.pngModular corner protectors

Materials to avoid

paper.jpgPacking paper
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