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Can I send luggage?

Yes, you can send luggage and suitcases using Packlink. 

However, we always recommend to use proper packaging and pack the luggage inside a box, otherwise, the suitcase itself will be considered packaging and in this case claims for damages will not be accepted (broken wheels, handles, scratches, etc).

Also remember that all shipments need to be sent with their own label, and if you don't use appropriate packaging the label can be easily lost (as it happens with the standard luggage surfaces). This might lead to delays or even the loss of your luggage.

If you can't find a proper packaging for its size and/or weight, you might wrap it in bubble wrap and retractable plastic to prevent superficial damages to the suitcase, similar to how it's done in airports. However, this doesn't mean that in case of damages the claim will be accepted, so we always suggest to use suitable packaging for a proper transportation.

We recommend to review the packaging instructions of your carrier of choice, to prevent any incidents during the pick up or transit.

Avoid sending with your suitcase perfumes, shaving creams, or medicines! The shipment of sprays, aerosol cans or medicine is prohibited. 



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