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Do I need a printer?

Generally speaking yes you need a printer to print the shipping label and apply it to the parcel. However there are some services where it is not necessary to print a label and therefore you won't need a printer.

There are some carriers in fact that will apply the label to the parcel themselves when the parcel arrives in their warehouses. In these cases you don't have to worry about finding a printer nearby.

How do I know if I need a printer? Simple, when you book a service on you can check whether you need a printer for your shipment by the following icon: 

  Printer required:  
  No Printer required:     


Best practices regarding your label: 

  • Even for services where no printer is required you can still provide your own form of identification. For example you can create your own "label" or write on the box the full delivery information (recipient's name, address, contact phone...).


  • Whether you have purchased a service that requires a printer or a service that does not require it, do not forget to always request to the courier the collection statement. This is the proof that the chosen carrier has collected your shipment and in what condition.


  • Once you have printed your label make sure that label is properly applied to the packaging, do not cover the barcode with tape as it could be a problem for the scanning.


  • If you have used the label correctly, you will be able to track your shipment by carriers tracking number on their websites.
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