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How much it costs to ship with Packlink?

With Packlink you can save up to 70% compared to the price offered directly by carriers, thanks to agreements based on the volume of items that are managed through our price comparison platform.

Packlink is not just an intermediary, it is not the transport company responsible for picking up and delivering the goods. The service offered in terms of transport and operation is the same offered by the courier you select.

The cost of shipping with Packlink varies depending on the carrier and the type of service you select at the time of the quote and may depend on the following factors:

  • Country and place of departure and arrival
  • Weight and size
  • Vector carrying out the transport
  • Service transit times
  • Home service or drop off at an Access Point

Couriers can generally offer three types of service:

  1. Express for faster delivery or air transit to international destinations
  2. Economy to ship securely abroad with ground services for reduced transits
  3. Standard for strictly terrestrial transit services estimated from 48 working hours
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