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How do I ship a parcel online with Packlink?

Ship with Packlink in 4 steps:

1_C-48.png Enter postcode and country of origin .
3_C-48.png Enter postcode and country of destination..
5_C-48.png Enter the value of the goods the number of parcels as well as the weight and dimensions of your parcels.
4_C-48.png Then hit the button "Search".

Take a look at the services and choose the one that's right for you. Once you have chosen, click "Buy now"

At the first step of the contracting process you have to enter your personal details (name, surname, e-mail address) and description of parcels (content and value).

Then you must enter the collection and delivery address. Verify that all is correct before to pay by credit card or Paypal.

We suggest to take extra care when reviewing the address, make sure you have provided the correct one. Failing to provide the correct address might result in delays with your delivery.

After the payment, Packlink will send you a confirmation email with the full details of your shipment such as invoice, labels, customs form (when needed).




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