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Additional charges in case of overweight or oversized parcels

We rely on our customers to accurately weigh and measure parcels to ensure the correct rates are charged. 

Why do I have an additional charge for weight discrepancies?

From time to time, after auditing the weight and measurements of the packages that enter their network, carriers detect discrepancies between the values declared during the purchase and those audited by themselves. This usually happens due to the packaging being larger or heavier than declared during the purchase and it might require special handling. It's possible that, during the purchase, you didn't take into account the full weight or length of the whole parcel, packaging included. 

The prices offered by Packlink are calculated using the values you facilitate during the purchase process, that is why it's vital to verify that they are correct before completing the operation. If the real values of the parcel are superior to the declared ones, it might be necessary to adjust the cost of the service and, as such, we will issue an additional charge to cover the full costs of the shipment. 

Next, you will find the most common additional charges: 

  •  Discrepancies with the weight/measurements declared 

It's the most common type of additional charge, due to the weight and/or measurements of the shipment being higher than originally indicated.

  • Requires special handling / collection / delivery

This charge applies when due to the weight, volume, and/or packaging of the parcel, special considerations must be made for it's handling. For example, if a truck with a lift gate is required to unload the parcel or if the courier requires an assistant. 

It's important to know that all shipments retained for one of these reasons will suffer delays since it will require additional handling instructions. 

What is the volumetric weight?

Imagine you want to send a book to the United Kingdom, which measures 23 x 15 x 2 cm and barely weighs 200 grams. However, when you pack it, you decide to use a much larger box from an old 40-inch television. Sure, the weight of the parcel will barely exceed a kilogram, but it will occupy much more space than expected, which will be an issue for the handling and transportation of the shipment.

Why is volumetric weight important? 

The most effective way to avoid possible additional charges is to make sure all the values declared during the purchase process are correct. To calculate the cost of a service, you need to take into consideration the weight and measurements of the goods once they have been packed:

1. Weigh the package on a scale.

2. Measure the parcel (Length, width, and height).

How to claim a charge due to weight discrepancies

If you have received an additional charge due to a weight discrepancy and consider that it's incorrect, please take pictures of the complete package where you can observe the carrier's label (not just the one provided by Packlink after the purchase) as well as the weight indicated by the scale, and contact us so we can verify the problem. We will gladly help you through the whole process. 









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