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Proof of value in case of damage or loss: purchase invoice

To make a claim for damages or loss, as with any other insurance (home, car, etc.) you need to provide documentation: the commercial invoice (purchase / sale) of the transported goods, or purchase ticket with a date that is no older than 60 days of the shipment date.

The invoice is important for the insurance company because it is the most accurate proof of the value of the merchandise. The requirements of the invoice are:

  • The document must express, invoice number, CIF / NIF of the seller, tax data, detail of the product sold, and breakdown of taxes, in case it is exempt will also be detailed.
  • It should always reflect data coincident with the sender and / or addressee, so that it is demonstrated that the merchandise is the property of one of the parts of the shipment. (Except in the case of purchase / cash tickets)

The invoice is an essential document to be able to open a claim for damage or loss, but in those cases in which the invoice is not available, or the invoice has a date greater than 60 days, it is possible to self-declare the value of the goods: Proof of value

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